Take me behind the scenes of your photoshoot production.

As a retoucher I often wished people could see the raw image I started with. I believe they would appreciate the end result so much more. If they only knew about the hours and hours of preparation, planning, post-production and loads of effort from a complete team that comes with organizing a photoshoot.

Sometimes the journey is as impressive, touching or funny as the end result. And therefore it deserves more attention.


  • Behind the scenes photos and video, free to use on your own website and socials.
  • If applicable and allowed, additional drone shots.
  • Extra hands on your shoot. I am not a photography assistent, so don’t expect me to know anything about lightning setups. But I am there if you need help holding that reflection screen or prop.
  • Creative vision – but only if asked for. Discussing creative decisions can be very valuable and I know from experience that it is exciting to talk about your project with likeminded people. On the other hand, meddling busybodies are really annoying when you already know in what direction you want to go. So I will keep my thoughts to myself and only interact when you ask for my opinion.


  • Credits with a link to the blog when you use my imagery anywhere – sharing is caring!
  • A small timeframe in between shooting to ask some questions about your ideas for the shoot. Explain the concept, choice of team and other relevant topics. No big interview, just some extra information I can add to the blog. We can make it as big or small as you like.
  • Permission to use the final photos of your shoot on my blog. Of course with all the right credits in place.



‘Ying/Yang’ fashion editorial Cape-town

Looking back on this creative adventure it still feels like a dream came true. To be part of this team. To cooperate with these amazingly powerful...

Sydney's salty rock pools photoshoot

Swimwear shoot
‘Sydney’s Salty Rock Pools’

It is weekend so buzzing with people that go for a a lap or casual dip in one of the 100 shark protected ocean pools of New South Wales. Kids run around while…

Finding flow

The idea was to play with the wind: send some fabric up in the air and get things flowing. After lot's of yo-yo-ing between different colors and types of…

‘Rock it, own it’
Sydney coastal fashion shoot

A last-minute shoot without much preparation. We've been moving back and forth between different Airbnb's because it is difficult to find accomodation in this…


To get featured in the behind the scenes section of this blog, please get in touch: info@workofcontrast.com